AdBlock Bolt

Ad Blocker plus privacy & dns



Block Ads & Enhance Your Privacy

AdBlock Bolt for Safari is your go-to solution for a clean and seamless web browsing experience. Built with privacy and efficiency in mind. Eliminate ads, protect your privacy, and enjoy faster, more secure browsing. With AdBlock Bolt the web becomes a pleasure again.


• Ad Blocking: Automatically block all ads for an ad-free experience.

• Privacy Protection: Prevent trackers from monitoring your online activity and keep your data secure.

• Faster Browsing: Experience quicker page loads and smoother browsing by eliminating resource-heavy ads.

• User-Friendly Interface: Simple to install and easy to use, with a straightforward setup process.

• Customizable Options: Tailor your blocking preferences with flexible settings to suit your needs.


• Enhanced Privacy: Unlike some other apps, AdBlock Bolt does NOT collect a single data from you!

• Seamless Integration: Works perfectly with Safari and system to provide a seamless experience.

• Continuous Updates: Regular updates are remotely pushed to keep up with the latest ad networks.

• Lightweight & Efficient: Designed to be efficient without slowing down your device.


Bolt+ is premium feature in addition to Bolt. It's based on a DNS process that integrates with your entire device and therefore isn't limited to Safari alone. The aim is to block as many ads and further enhancing privacy by blocking as much trackers as possible, still without collecting any data!

Bolt+ requires a $0.99/month or $9.99/year subscription. You can stop your subscription at any time to avoid renewing it. A one-time purchase is also available for 24.99$. Price may vary by region.


AdBlock Bolt is developed by myself, an indie/solo developer, not a big company that is looking to get your personal data. I built the app many years ago and still maintain it to this day.

Available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Vision Pro.

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